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A collection of thoughts, feelings and emotions that touches your soul. A train of thoughts, combined with poured-emotions and sheltered feelings... An outlet for those hidden desires, fantasies, and dreams dedicated to those large-hearted softies (pero feeling tough) individuals.

Monday, March 06, 2006

You're mine

I dreamt about you for so long,
now i've found you.
I'll take you with me far away.
Where no one can find us.
We'll be fine.
You're mine and no one else's.
I'll belong to you.
We move so fast they can't catch us.
We'll fly so high,
with not a worry in the air we breathe.
We can float together in the water and
think about
the times we were not here.
I could stay in this place forever.
Thank God, you and me are together.
Come here, come inside and then you'll
see just how
much you mean to me.
Ly down, you act so still, I'm on the
in for the kill.
Now to calm me, sit here and kiss me.
Hold me tight, don't let go

(tatoy pa rin!)


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