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A collection of thoughts, feelings and emotions that touches your soul. A train of thoughts, combined with poured-emotions and sheltered feelings... An outlet for those hidden desires, fantasies, and dreams dedicated to those large-hearted softies (pero feeling tough) individuals.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Spark in the darkness
sudden bright light,
freezing everything in sight
as if to last a lifetime
embrasing my heart's desire.

What a joy being by your side
stealing pictures of you
when no one's looking at me.
And in the silence
steal glances of your smile.

I find stars behind the street lights
I see comets under the shade
and through my words. . . kiss you.

Touch that brings back memories
the feeling of your body close to mine
was a feeling beyond space and time.
When I think of it,
my heart just jumps out crying. . .
screaming for that feeling to return.
But now that you're gone
it'll have to cry and scream some more
till it can't do no more.
Coz now that you're gone
Im in my bed all alone
Writing helpless love songs.

Now I know that in life,
you make mistakes
You'll have to take risks
jump straight into chances
for mistakes can never be undone
risks carry consiquences
chances don't pass by twice
you'll have to start a new.
For every second chance is a new begining
a new page in the book of life. . .
my life.

And now the joy I felt once
may never return again.
Or it can, but never again with my joy
the one that has got me going through this madness
the hand that lead me through hell's fire
and through the great haven of souls
they call heaven
never again. . .
or so I think. . .

(I wrote this for a certain special someone.
the italic was contributed by a friend.)


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