Hearts and Souls

A collection of thoughts, feelings and emotions that touches your soul. A train of thoughts, combined with poured-emotions and sheltered feelings... An outlet for those hidden desires, fantasies, and dreams dedicated to those large-hearted softies (pero feeling tough) individuals.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Sitting here on a rainy afternoon
watching the raindrops fall,
thinking of things I should have done...
but all that's left are whispers of memories.

I should have done this!
I should have done that!
But it cant happen no more
so Im marking this down
so it wont happen again
Im marking this down to learn from.

Now my dreams are lost
my guitar is broken
and the drums aint beating
and this lies Im leaving
is about to swallow me in.

Im tired of this
Im tired of you
telling me what to do
get out!
stay out!
Coz Im about to breakout
just sit back and watch
While I show you
what a real brown-man can do.


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