Hearts and Souls

A collection of thoughts, feelings and emotions that touches your soul. A train of thoughts, combined with poured-emotions and sheltered feelings... An outlet for those hidden desires, fantasies, and dreams dedicated to those large-hearted softies (pero feeling tough) individuals.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

another one for the broken hearts

a great loss has come to me... and again it has.
for what i had just started to build my dreams with (again) has crumble into ashes...
many trials and problems we have passed, and yet this last one got the better of us.

the tide going agaisnt us and the world with it.
maybe she wasn't the one for me... but she was who i want.
maybe she wasn't the one i need... but she was the one i treasured most.

and now,
she might not be the one i hold,
the one i embrace,
the one im with,
but she'll always be here...inside me.


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